Because I’ve only just started freelancing again, and I can’t share much that’s meaningful from my day job (too many IP and other restrictions), I don’t have any current clips or testimonials. But I’ve gathered a few old ones, from when I last freelanced, pre-2014.

The samples aren’t perfect—I’d probably do a few things differently now—but hopefully they’ll show you I’ve got some writing chops. And between my LinkedIn profile and the testimonials below, you should see that I’m legit.

Writing samples

“Snap happy sessions” (PDF, 563KB)
An article I wrote for Playcentre Journal.

“Do I really need a MIDI keyboard?” (PDF, 709KB)
One of two articles I wrote for the site, which no longer exists.

“Roadtrip Shenandoah Valley” (PDF, 266KB)
One of three articles I wrote for the website Road Trip Planner, which no longer exists.

“Postcards in Melbourne”
One of five SEO articles I wrote for Minuteman Press in Australia. Looks like they’ve edited this a bit since I first wrote it, so here’s the original text (PDF, 499KB).

Editing testimonials

It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Chris Lovie-Tyler.

Chris provided me with a huge amount of useful feedback on my writing—not just instructions on what to change, but also the reasons for the changes. This was invaluable to me and has had an ongoing affect on my writing.

I followed about 95% of Chris’s suggestions for change in my Master’s Thesis. After making the changes to a sentence, I could immediately see how much better it sounded. Chris ensured all my references were perfect and all citations followed APA format.

I received First Class Honours for my Thesis. The examiners report actually stated that in the entire thesis (112 pages and 82 references) there was only one small mistake. I am well aware of how many changes we made in the final weeks before handing it in, so there is no doubt that Chris helped me to achieve First Class Honours.

I would highly recommend Chris Lovie-Tyler as an editor.

Janine Locke, Auckland

Chris has been proofreading a 32 page magazine for us, both pre and post design. He provides a thorough service and appears to have a very high attention to detail.

Theresa Alderson (design & print manager), Auckland

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply and send you this most sincere ‘thank you’ for the excellent work you did editing my promotional material.  I am most impressed with your keen attention to detail.  I felt you thoroughly examined and edited the raw material I’d sent and have given it a much more professional touch.

JamesRAy (country rock artist), Auckland

I recently had my CV proofed by Chris Lovie-Tyler. Chris made a number of grammatical and layout changes, which have enhanced the appearance and improved the readability of the end document.

Chris’ attention to detail is impeccable, as he found several errors on my part, which I missed after proofing the document several times. Even though Chris didn’t have knowledge of my work experience, he was able to decipher technical terms and recast them to make the CV easier to understand.

I was also impressed with the efficient and timely manner in which my CV was proofed.

Justin Lane, Auckland

Thanks for what you have done to my story. I’m very pleased with the results, and I will certainly take into consideration the comments you have offered.

Doreen McIlvenny, Wellington

Name examples

These were all personal projects, but they’ll give you some idea of my creative ability.

Blogs and newsletters

Blame Lewis (a positive reference to C. S. Lewis)
Tatty Notebook
Backyard Stars
Rookie Lines (poetry-related)
Tiny Transmissions


Don’t Die Wishing


Wielding Words (my first freelance business 🙂)